Tama Art University Library Toyo Ito

Tama Art University Library Toyo Ito is part of architecture – To let the flows and views of these people freely penetrate the building, we began to think of a structure of randomly placed arches which would create the sensation as if the sloping floor and the front garden’s scenery were continuing within the building The characteristic arches are made out of steel plates covered with concrete In plan these arches are arranged along curved lines which cross at several points The spatial diversity one experiences when walking through the arches different in span and height changes seamlessly from a cloisterlike space filled with natural light, to the impression of a tunnel that cannot be penetrated visually The new library is a place where everyone can discover their style of “interacting with books and film media as if they were walking through a forest or in a cave; a new place of arcadelike spaces where soft mutual relations form by simply passing through; a focal centre where a new sense of creativity begins to spread throughout the art university’s campus from Toyo Ito’s office, via dezeen

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